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The SOUTHERN AFRICAN NATURAL HISTORY UNIT is a South African-based production company that specialises in:

  • Producing a wide range of wildlife programming for national and international broadcasters and clients
  • Providing quality facilitation for television and film crews in South Africa and assisting international producers in getting the best and most out of their filming on the African continent
  • Extension services into wildlife regions of countries neighbouring South Africa such as Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and beyond
  • An extensive wildlife stock footage library

SANHU has a team of expert and dedicated staff members, is fully equipped with high quality television and photographic equipment and has considerable experience in regional, local and international television productions. SANHU has been based in the Kruger National Park since 1999, resulting in excellent relations with all the National Parks, as well as other conservation organizations, allowing privileged access to areas ordinarily closed to film crews. The company recently relocated to Nelspruit the capital of Mpumalanga and is less than 20km from the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport.


Jacques Goosen
Jacques Goosen Jacques has been in the television industry since 1989 when he joined the SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) as a trainee cameraman. He rapidly moved up the ranks and was promoted to a specialist cameraman in 1995. For more than a decade, Jacques has been the creative eye behind some of the most inventive and popular programmes to come out of South Africa. Jacques' clients include the SABC, Disney, Animal Planet, Granada Media, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, ARD German TV and many other international production companies. Ele-Tele, produced for Discovery, showcased the first use of an elephant cam which was a revelation and insight into elephants' lives and movements. The 13 part series Park Life Africa and The Great African Wildlife Rescue continue to be a global success, show-casing the talent of one of South Africa's top cameramen. Jacques is passionate about wildlife film-making and the key to his success rests firstly with the consistently high quality images that he captures, and secondly with the energy and dedication with which he attacks any challenge set to him. His focus on the task at hand (no matter how demanding the conditions) and his selfless endeavours in getting the best shot possible, have earned him the respect from many of the more seasoned veterans within the television world.
Antoinette Goosen
Antoinette Goosen Antoinette has been in the television industry since 1985 when she joined the SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) as a production co-ordinator in television. During this time she worked on numerous productions such as Top Billing, New Model Today, Cosmopolitan Model of the Year, Miss South Africa, Miss World and various local and international drama productions. Upon leaving the SABC to become a freelance production manager/producer, Antoinette was a contributing producer for programmes such as Lets Go and Eco Act. In 1997 she worked on The Great African Wildlife Rescue, a 13 part series produced for the ABC Kane and Disney channels, and thus became involved in the fascinating world of wildlife film making. Lately she has produced various inserts for the locally produced 50/50 and Hectic 9/Nine on SABC 2 and two seasons of Team Wild for SABC 1. Antoinette has been with SANHU since the start of the company as producer, production manager and financial manager.
Katy Johnson
Katy Johnson Katy’s dream has always been to become involved in wildlife film making and this was realized in 2008 when she joined SANHU as an intern.  Prior to this, she spent seven years studying Biology and gaining her degree and PhD at Southhampton University in the United Kingdom. Katy completed a course in wildlife film making at the Wildlife Film Academy. Since her involvement with SANHU she contributed towards several productions and produced The Quest for the Riverine Rabbit, Organic Agriculture in South Africa and various other inserts for SABC2's 50/50. Recently she assisted the very successful CBBC production, Safari 8. Katy’s appreciation for nature, combined with her academic background proves her a valued asset.



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